The assessment for the Technology Leadership Achievement award is made based on six inter-related criteria

  1. A distinguished career that demonstrates a deep understanding of the use of technology in business. We look at the time spent in the industry and we also take into consideration time spent in other industries that contributed to a candidate’s involvement in the financial services industry.

  2. Record of having led successful institutions, supported by robust performance of the businesses based on the technology infrastructure he or she has or is managing, that is already well regarded by peers in the industry. This can be evaluated by the innovations and technology projects undertaken by bank under his or her leadership. Small institutions will qualify as much as large institutions if they are known for their innovation and tactical advantages in the marketplace.

  3. Vision, verve and fortitude. We look for specific and inspiring stories of achievements during periods of transformation or difficulty, and the long term outcome of the decisions the candidate made in those times. The candidates work should have a significant impact on the institutions he or she has worked in. We also look at success in overcoming adversities. Adversities in the period under review are not considered in a bad light under this program. We take into account adversities and the tenacity of the leader to overcome them.  

  4. We assess the performance of the institution for which the candidate demonstrated leadership in terms of financial and business achievements.

  5. An impact that stands over and above those being achieved by his or her peers across the region, in a manner that can stand as a benchmark to the rest of the industry. Here we look at the sum total of his or her career achievements, and come to conclusion that it stands well above that of their peers, who are also high achievers themselves. This criteria brings into focus leaders who may be from banks but also from non-bank players that are pushing the frontiers of the industry to new levels, either in expansion of the institution itself, or new products or customers that are made possible because of innovation, or new values that shaped the industry as a whole.

  6. Based on a well-communicated vision. We require all leaders to have made speeches, given interviews or written reports that provide his or her constituents a clear view of his or her own strategy and direction. These must co-relate to the achievements under consideration. We study all newspaper articles, speeches and interviews provided in the year under review to determine the consistency and commitment to the vision enunciated.


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