The Retail Banker of the Year

The Retail Banker of the Year Award is the highest distinction that can be given to an individual in the retail financial services industry. It is the only individual accolade The Asian Banker awards to a single person in this industry.

The Retail Banker of the Year is awarded to a person who, in the view of the researchers and advisors, has made a difference that stands over and above the achievements of his peers in the industry, and made a fundamental difference to his own institution, his country or to the industry as a whole. The retail financial services is made up of a good cohort of high achieving individuals whose personal standards and annual achievements set a high bar from which we choose this solemn recognition. As such, only those who have demonstrated a clarity of vision, have made the necessary hard decisions to help his or her institution grow sustainably and have an unquestionable force and integrity of character recognised by colleagues and peers will ever qualify.

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Due to the fact that the dynamics of the different markets are very different, we see a need to recognise the progress in the Asian, Middle East and Africa regions separately. These key markets represent a varied set of challenges and efforts to lead successful retail banking operations in these regions often stands on their own. With this in view, we recognise the :

  • Retail Banker of the Year- Asia Pacific
  • Retail Banker of the Year- Middle East
  • Retail Banker of the Year- Africa
  • Most Admired Retail Banker – Global and outside of the regions we cover

From this list, one may be selected as the ‘International Retail Banker of the Year’, depending on whether the achievement is one that stands over and above regional differences.

The candidates for these awards are shortlisted and evaluated on the following criteria:

1. A distinguished career in retail financial services that should span a sufficient amount of time to demonstrate the acquisition of sufficient experience and expertise in the industry and the ability to build a sustainable and profitable franchise. This can be in a bank or non-bank, as many new players are emerging to make a difference in the industry.
2. Record of having led successful institutions, supported by robust performance of the businesses he or she has or is managing, that is already well regarded by peers in the industry. This can be evaluated by the value of franchise, its performance track record and its leadership position in the marketplace. Small institutions will qualify as much as large institutions if they are known for their innovation and tactical advantages in the marketplace.
3. Vision, verve and fortitude. We look for specific and inspiring stories of achievements during periods of transformation or difficulty, and the long term outcome of the decisions the candidate made in those times. The candidates work should have a significant impact on the institutions he has worked in.
4. An impact that stands over and above those being achieved by his or her peers across the region, in a manner that can stand as a benchmark to the rest of the industry. Here we look at the sum total of his or her career achievements, and come to conclusion that it stands well above that of their peers, who are also high achievers themselves. This criteria brings into focus leaders who may be from banks but also from non-bank players that are pushing the frontiers of the industry to new levels, either in expansion of the institution itself, or new products or customers that are made possible because of innovation, or new values that shaped the industry as a whole.
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