Evaluation Criteria

Our Excellence in Retail Financial Service Awards are predicated by the belief that “a well-run retail bank is one that demonstrates a long term, sustainable, profitable franchise with the customer as its core proposition”. In addition, we have developed stringent evaluation criteria for each product or process.  The decision-making process we use for these prestigious awards is made as transparent as possible so that banks in the region can understand where they stand as sustainable retail franchises, as well as use the process to re-examine their own products and processes.

The Technology Implementation Awards recognise leadership in the implementation of technology projects in a wide variety of areas. The purpose of these awards is to recognise annual achievements as well as identify emerging best practices and document case studies that can become benchmarks for future decision makers in the areas of vendor selection and implementation roadmaps.

The Transaction Banking Awards recognise a bank that is able to be intimately involved in helping their corporate or financial institution clients take advantage of all the drivers transforming supply and value chain dynamics today by maximising their trade, cash or payments needs in a way that helps them manage their credit, liquidity and financial competitiveness in their respective marketplace.

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