The most prestigious banking awards programmes in the Middle East and Africa

The Asian Banker’s Middle East & Africa Awards is the most rigorous, prestigious and transparent awards programme for consumer banking, transaction banking, risk management and technology implementation in the Middle East and Africa region. We evaluate a total of more than 50 institutions across the region in a thorough evaluation process.

The reason for the prestigious nature of The Asian Banker awards is the independence, rigor, impartiality and transparency of the evaluation process. The award programmes are run by a team or research managers who conduct extensive desk and field research, including many hours of interviews with short listed candidates. Each programme is predicated by a clear methodology and transparent score cards which are published and shared with the Industry
Each programme has a distinguished Council of Advisors that provide independent validation. In this manner we ensure our award reflect the developments of the Industry and identify benchmarks and best practices that are useful for the industry, going forward. Please refer to our Commitment to Integrity Statement.

You cannot buy an Asian banker award. The award evaluation process is kept as neutral as possible and we cover all players on a neutral basis. We do expect winning banks to support the programmes by investing in the post event marketing collateral. These are designed for the benefit of the winners and in some measure, enable us to underwrite the cost of researchers working independently for a period of six months without any income in the process. This has become the most viable model to fund the programme as it enables us to include players who are not necessarily our clients, at the same time being fair to all in the market place. The continued support and participation of the industry is necessary to keep the programme viable. Awards given to individuals and governments are not funded in any way.

The winners for retail and technology awards were recognised in Dubai on 20th April 2016. We will be organising The Asian Banker Middle East and Regional Awards Dinner to recognise the risk and transaction awards on 16th November 2016


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