The Awards

The following are awards categories for the international as well as country awards programme. These categories are adjusted every year to fit the needs and interests of the banking community.

a) The Outstanding Technology Innovation Award

b) Bank Technology Leadership Achievement Award

c) Innovation Leadership Achievement Awards

d) The Technology Innovation Award

- Best core banking implementation
- Best lending platform implementation
- Best multi-channel management project
- Best branch automation project
- Best smart branch project
- Best self service banking project
- Best ATM and kiosks project
- Best CRM project
- Best data and analytics project
- Best retail payment project
- Best corporate payment project
- Best financial supply chain project
- Best mobile banking project
- Best mobile social media engagement project
- Best treasury management project
- Best security and risk management project
- Best mobile security project
- Best governance risk and compliance project
- Best HR system project
- Best cloud based programme
- Best outsourcing project
- Best IT consultancy project
- Best mobile payment project

e) The Asian Banker Vendor Satisfaction Survey Awards

f) The Asian Banker Cloud-based Application and Platform Award

- Cloud-based Application Award
- Cloud-based Platform Award

g) Best Innovation Centre Awards

- Best Innovation Centre by Financial Institution
- Best Innovation Centre by Non Financial Institutions – This will include innovation centres technology companies, consulting companies and other non banking organisations
- Best Innovation Centre by Country
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