About the International Excellence
in Retail Financial Services Awards 2017

The International Excellence in Retail Financial Services programme is the most rigorous, prestigious and transparent awards programme for consumer banking in Asia Pacific, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. We evaluate more than 250 banks in 42 countries in a thorough evaluation process.

The programme has been built on the premise that an outstanding institution in consumer banking demonstrates a long-term sustainable franchise, based on strong business processes that lead to a consistent and profitable performance. It recognises financial institutions for their vision, execution and market leading propositions that can make a real impact to the bank and its consumers.

Since 2015, we have established an audit-based approach in the evaluation process. This involves compiling completed submissions in a comprehensive data sheet where basic quantitative figures are collated and compared with peers in the industry. Some of the figures will be used to build a comprehensive analysis involving best practices and benchmarks that the industry can use on a generic basis, without compromising the confidentiality and competitive data. The programme also takes into consideration feedback from consumers in www.bankquality.com, a premier site that consumers can rate and submit comments of their banks. We encourage you to draw the attention of your customers to this site in order to gather their genuine feedback.

Supported by the Retail Banking Working Group -- a well-established repository of data on retail banks around the world

The Asian Banker maintains a comprehensive library of data of all retail banks in the areas we cover in ‘The Retail Banking Working Group’ (www.retailbanking.theasianbanker.com). It contains the profile of all the retail banks, data and trends in the industry, as well as case studies and interviews. It also includes templates and assertions that are rigorously tested and used to benchmark the industry worldwide. ‘The Retail Banking Working Group’ has become an invaluable tool for decision makers and banks to stay ahead of the competition at all times.

With this in mind, we are able to focus on the changes in our yearly review without losing sight of the detailed profiles and players in the industry. Your completion of the audit report will ensure that any assessment we make will be based on the updated version.

Compares your bank to best practices around the globe

We will continue to grow the scope of the programme globally. It is our ambition to establish our presence in all parts of the world and to support the development of retail financial services by creating an environment for learning and sharing.

We will not only extend the coverage of new countries in the programme, we will also monitor global best practices more closely through the introduction of an international category for the product and special awards. This will allow us to expand our body of knowledge as well as provide case studies and benchmarks of leading global retail banks.



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