A prestigious recognition programme for technology in the financial services industry

The Asian Banker Technology Innovation Awards’ is a programme designed to recognise annual achievement as well as identify emerging best practice in the implementation of technology in banking operations.

Year after year the programme receives a growing number of submissions covering a range of technology projects that are transforming to-day’s banking industry. As we looked into these projects in more detail we became aware that successful banks had exceptional leaders in technology and as a consequence we also make awards for bank technology leadership too.

Submissions to our awards programme are made jointly by banks in the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and their IT partners, as we believe a necessary part of a thorough evaluation is to understand the views of both partners. As IT projects often take years for completion, only projects that have been completed or made fully functional are considered for awards. The evaluation criteria are set out and form part of a rigorous and transparent process vetted by leading practitioners, independent advisors and an international panel of industry experts.

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