Every year, The Asian Banker recognises achievements in the key business and operational areas of the financial services industry. The purpose of these awards is to recognise annual achievements and winners in the competition for market share, product and operational excellence.

The Transaction Finance Awards, previously called The Transaction Banking Awards, evaluate financial institution’s achievements in cash management, payments, and trade finance. We take on an audit-based approach in the building of evaluation process. We have also redefined categories and opened the programme to financial technology (fintech) platforms to compete alongside traditional banks. This involves submissions in a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative survey, which will be collated and compared with your peers in the industry. Some of the figures will be used to build a comprehensive understanding of involving best practices and benchmarks that the industry can use on a generic base without compromising the confidentiality and competitive data.

The winners for these awards are determined through a combination of surveys, interviews and field research by The Asian Banker’s research staff. The research findings are published in a neutral manner, with a scorecard outlining how the different domestic and global players feature in them.

The Goals of this Programme

These awards are designed with the following goals:

  1. To track the changing competitive landscape in the industry, by identifying winners and losers
  2. To identify the critical success factors required for success in the different businesses tracked in this programme
  3. To develop a repository of benchmarks and best practices that industry players as a whole can use and improve upon The Regions covered
The programme is intended to be global, and we hold all of the nominees for the awards against global benchmarks and best practices. By building experience and nurturing relationships, we have been gradually extending our main coverage from the Asia Pacific region to the Middle East and Africa. We also recognise global leaders outside the region whose unique capabilities are truly second to none, applying concise industry skills to vast, incredibly complex institutions that span continents.