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The Asian Banker is a research and intelligence company dedicated to providing incisive and up-to-date information and analysis on strategic developments in the financial services industry.

The Company offers the unique combination of the skills of researchers and journalists as well as organises forums to develop a keen perspective on strategic issues and the drivers in the industry.

The Asian Banker was founded by Mr. Emmanuel Daniel in September 1996. Incorporated as T.A.B. International Pte Ltd in Singapore, the Company begun as the publisher of Asian Banker Journal, a regional publication covering the business of commercial banking.

The publication has grown from strength to strength to become the flagship product of the company and the leading commentator on developments in the Asia Pacific's financial services industry.

Today the Company's products and services can be grouped into three main business lines:

- Asian Banker Publications. These are the news based publications delivered in electronic as well as physical formats. Titles include the flagship Asian Banker Journal, Asian Banker Monitor and various e-newsletters.
- Asian Banker Research. The Company provides proprietary, generic and subscription based research services that covers focused operational areas of the financial services industry.
- Asian Banker Forums. These include the Asian Banker Summit, a regional gathering of decision makers, as well as focused Roundtables for specialists to meet and consider the state of their respective areas. Other conferences specific to the different countries and regions are also organised by the Company.

All our intelligence-based products and services are designed to provide senior management of financial services organisations with critical information for their decision-making needs and to secure leadership roles within the community.


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