International Advisory Panel

The Awards Programme is managed by a highly professional team of research analysts in Asian Banker Research. The findings will be supervised and verified by our International Council of Advisors, consisting of prominent and highly respected individuals in the financial services industry, with an outstanding track record in their respective domains.

Alexander Escucha

Alex Escucha is responsible for strategic planning, investor relations, marketing services, public relations, strategic marketing and customer aspects of IT in China Banking Corporation, the first privately owned bank in the Philippines. With over 25 years of banking experience across multiple disciplines, he has management expertise ranging from strategy formulation to project implementation. He has served as the chairman of the Federation of ASEAN Economic Associations (FAEA).

Steven Miller

Steven is currently the Dean of the School of Information Systems at Singapore Management University (SMU). Some of his research and project topics are "Living Analytics for Consumer and Social Insight", "Understanding How Banking Operates in terms of Processes, Data, Technology and Information Management", and "Enterprise IT Architecture and Integration". He earned his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University in 1983.

Brett King

Brett is strategic advisor to the financial services sector and the founder of the International Academy of Finance Management, a professional association focused on financial services. A regular speaker at the top global conferences for financial services, Brett is an acknowledged expert on wealth management, customer experience and retail channel distribution strategy. Brett also runs UserStrategy, a boutique consultancy, focused on improving customer interaction for leading financial services companies and business.
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