Product and Process Awards
Our Core Beliefs for each award:

Best Consumer Credit Finance Product
We believe that consumer finance is a highly effective entry level customer acquisition platform, but is successful only when a percentage of customers bring on board their recurrent and long term revolving credit, deposits and mortgage relationship with low delinquency costs, and one which must demonstrate the bank's strong collections and processing capabilities.

Best Deposit Business
We believe that a bank's deposits business is a demonstration of its strength of franchise and its retail distribution channels and its proximity to customers in a manner that enhances its ability to sell a wide range of new and existing products in the local marketplace, as denoted by its market share, low cost of funding and number of customers relative to major competitors.

Best Payments Product
A successful retail payments project or product is one that enables real-time or offline, secure and end-to-end completion of low-value transactions for the largest possible number of customers, issued and used at multiple and remote acceptance locations, utilising multiple channels or devices at the lowest possible cost per transaction and supporting the widest range of functionalities and currencies in a compliant manner.

Best Internet Banking
We believe that the best Internet banking capability is one that enables customers to access information, conduct transactions or purchase financial products and services in the most intuitive and secure manner possible that is consistent with the lifestyle needs of the target customer, while at the same time enabling the bank to communicate its messages.

Best Mobile Banking
We believe that the best mobile banking capability is one that demonstrates the use of the full range of current mobile device technology for financial transactions and services in the most intuitive and secure manner possible.

Best Branch Banking
We believe that the best bank branches are those that are designed to maximise the use and location of their footprint to serve the transactional, advisory and product needs of the largest numbers of visitors in the most cost efficient manner, using both human and automated devices consistent with their brands, and is reflected in its ability to attract low cost deposits and achieve cross-sell ratios for the entire franchise.

Best Automobile Lending
We believe that leaders in the automobile finance business are defined by their market share, driven by a strong direct or agency driven origination capability that they are able to convert into customers through good turnaround time and service quality, and whose assets demonstrate strong customer equity engendered over several market cycles.

Best Mortgage Business
We believe that a strong mortgage business is denoted by market share by volume and number of customers, ability to maintain spreads over economic cycles, strong customer equity in the portfolio and low delinquency, supported by a strong origination and customer support capabilities as well as a long term balance sheet to support business profitably.

Best Micro Financing Business
A successful micro-financing business is one that demonstrates the ability to reach out to commercially driven marginalised customer segments with a variety of micro loan products, including unsecured personal loans, home equity loans, shop-front loans, and micro-enterprise loans which are distributed via a large micro network reach and supported by strong risk management, collection practices and locally trained staff.

Best Wealth Management
We believe that wealth management is defined by the total size and type of assets under management, the ability to convert strong relationship management capabilities to sell proprietary and third party products and services, and the ability to capture a sizeable wallet-share of the affluent customer, contributing to the balance sheet, fees and per customer profitability, and supported by a well-branded service and technological capability to execute.

Best SME Banking Business
The best SME banks are those that demonstrate the ability to provide large numbers of small business customers with credit, transactional and advisory services in the most cost-efficient manner that enables customers to consolidate and maximise their cash flow in a manner as to survive over several economic cycles.

Best Credit Card Management Business
We believe that credit cards is a highly effective customer acquisition platform that must demonstrate the ability to convert an issued base into active users and strong revolving credit, low delinquency, sticky users and a strong collections platform, supporting a well branded, albeit high cost, co-branding, loyalty and benefits platform.

Best Direct Banking Business
We believe that the best Direct Internet banking capability is one that enables customers to access information, conduct transactions or purchase financial products and services in the most intuitive and secure manner possible that is consistent with the lifestyle needs of the target customer, while at the same time enabling the bank to communicate its messages without leveraging on a branch network

Best Remittance Business
We believe that remittance is the business of being able to execute large volumes of instantaneous global transfers for low value transactions at the lowest possible per transaction cost that is passed on as a value proposition to the largest number of customers possible and one that banks in this business must demonstrate by their ability to use as a tool to acquire and retain customers for their traditional deposits and loans businesses.

Best Loyalty Programme Award
A successful loyalty programme is one that encourages existing customers to carry out not only repeated business but to transact, borrow and invest across a wide range of products and services with the bank. It is a means of holistically rewarding the depth and tenure of a client relationship by superior customer service which promotes sustainable and organic growth for the bank.

Best Employee Engagement Award
We believe that a successful employee engagement programme is a long-term exercise that creates the conditions in which employees expend more of their capability and potential in the performance of their functions. This builds a genuine commitment between employee and organisation which correlates with performance, productivity, satisfaction and attrition.

Best Brand Building
We believe that successful and credible brand building hinges on the ability to tell the story of what a bank has to offer, not what it wishes to be.
Shaped by a bank’s daily interaction with customers, brand building doesn’t just promote distinctive attributes via an innovative marketing approach, but reinforces those brand attributes through activities with their external and internal audiences.

Best Retail Risk Management
We believe that a bank with a successful retail credit and operational risk management possesses (a) an excellent on and off balance sheet position demonstrated by exceptional key credit risk ratios, and (b) processes for risk assessment, risk decision-making and risk control implementation to ensure proper measurement and mitigation of operational risk. The bank also needs to have a sound contingency and business continuity plan while managing market perception.

Best CRM Initiative
We believe that a successful CRM initiative moves the bank towards an enterprise view of the customer to help deliver a seamless and consistent front line experience. It should also offer customised product and service solutions with insights from customer analytics and modelling.

Best Social Media Award
We believe that the best social media initiatives understands that social is tribal and is based on engagement and trust. This is achieved by empowering employees, providing compelling content, listening to customers, measuring the right engagement and integrating the players back office environment with its social media channels to create compelling financial services and build a vibrant community around its brand and proposition.


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