Submission Details

Who is eligible?
All Peer2Peer lending, payments and crowd investing firms with a significant customer base or an operational presence in the Asia Pacific, the Middle East and West Africa regions are eligible to participate. We will be expanding this programme to other regions as it develops.
Will institutions that do not make a submission be considered?
The Asian Banker may decide, at its own discretion and on a strictly case by case basis, to consider institutions that do not make a submission. The analysis will however be limited by the extent of information available to The Asian Banker through its in-house research, and might not be able to capture the full business impact of the institution.
Is the information submitted made available to the public?
All information you provide will be kept in strict confidence. The final analysis will collate the findings and publish generic information that discusses trends and emerging best practices from the program, but does not discuss any specific submission under any circumstances whatsoever.
Signed "Commitment" Statement
The Asian Banker is committed to the highest level of integrity in the conduct of all its awards programmes. At no time, would we conduct ourselves in a manner that can give the industry any reasons to doubt the impartiality of the decision-making process involved. We make a clear distinction between the commercial aspects of running an awards programme which go towards underwriting the costs of the researchers and the time involved, and the neutrality with which our researchers make their decisions. We wish that the industry takes the awards presented by the Asian Banker as representing the most prestigious recognition of their work as well as professional careers.
When and where to submit?
Please complete the questionnaire and email it to no later than March 24th, 2017.
Fees and Audit Certificates
There is no fee payable to participate and make a submission of the audit document, in order to encourage full participation from the industry.

The Asian Banker will conduct the audit and awards evaluation in the months of March-May 2017 at its own cost so as to ensure the process is strictly neutral and that there is no conflict of interests.

Upon confirmation, the Audit Certificates will be presented at the Peer-to-Peer Conference at the Future of Finance Summit to be held in Singapore from 8-10 June, 2017. Peer-to-peer players who qualify for the Audit Certificate must attend as paying delegates to this conference. As the conference, will have sessions that are open to both industry and customers, it is designed for the general good of the industry, to generate greater visibility and credibility of this industry to the public.

Players who win awards in this programme are encouraged to sponsor and participate actively in the Peer-to-Peer Conference at the Future of Finance Summit 2017 or at other similar events planned for China, the Middle East and other regions where the industry development requires a conference of this nature.

A membership-based approach may be taken in the future for the renewal of the audit certificates, but this will be done with the concurrence of the industry as a whole.
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