Financial Technology and Platform Awards

Belief Statement
We believe that a successful financial technology platform is one that has a believable business proposition in solving a real business need, with a potential to result in a fundamental transformation or disruption in the financial services industry and to generate scale across regions. Appropriate financial support from the right investors, as well as having an installed customer or user base, are proofs of concept and important evidence that third parties have thoroughly evaluated the proposition and are willing stakeholders. In addition, a robust execution capability, strong people commitment, ability to fund its growth trajectory and the drive and vision of the principle promoters are important consideration to its success.

Dimension   Indicators
Innovation and disruption 20% Type of business needs met by the solution/products; extent to which it can potentially disrupt the current business models
Number of years since operation
Data analytics features in services
Number and type of emerging technology utilised, new POC
Customers and market performance 20% Total registered users or transactions at the platform
Growth in number of users or market share in the last year
Growth in transactions at the platform
Scalability 20% Number of adjacent services scaled or plans to scale
Number of countries operating in
Regulatory accreditations and significance
Estimated potential size of the targeted market
Financials and Funding 20% Number and types of revenue generating products/new use cases
Total funding support or the current valuations, series of funding
Profile of investors
Revenue/profits growth rate
Partnerships/Community building 10% Ease of integration with new partners
Engagement with government bodies, regulatory bodies, other strategic partnerships with third party institution for distribution
Number and types of investments in other companies
Founders and Management 10% The experience of the founders of the organisation
Number of employees and percentage of technology employees
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