Innovation Leadership Achievement Awards

The Asian Banker is introducing Innovation Leadership Achievement Awards programme. This is designed to recognise the achievements of outstanding individuals who play a pivotal role in introducing and implementing authentic innovation in their organisations. These are executives whose vision, efforts, and commitment inspire and champion the innovation capabilities that are already well regarded by peers in the industry.

The programme is predicated on the belief that “Leadership in innovation is demonstrated by the ability to execute to a well communicated vision as an innovation champion, by inspiring and leading a strong team, with courage and passion in overcoming specific adversities in order to deliver a solution that has the potential to disrupt the market and achieving a strong and sustainable business performance

This awards programme aims to identify leaders in innovation in financial institutions, non- banking financial institutions as well as fintech and other organisations, that provide a cutting-edge retail customer end user solution (such as P2P companies, telecommunications, etc.).These individuals can be from business or operational lines (technology, operations, risk management, etc). We encourage institutions to submit their nominations for this programme. The participation of institutions will also underscore the seriousness that they place in promoting innovation and developing leadership programmes.

The assessment for the “Innovation Leadership Achievement” is based on following criteria:

  1. Distinguished career: A distinguished career with a strong track record in leading successful institutions with notable innovations and initiatives that are well regarded in the industry as well as supported by robust business performance. Candidates from small institutions will qualify as much as large institutions as long as they are recognised for their innovation and tactical superiority in the marketplace.

  2. Vision and commitment: We look for inspiring stories of achievements and the long-term outcome of these decisions that the candidate may have made. The candidate’s vision as an innovation champion and facilitator and the impact the leader has made in the institutions is critical in our assessment. We also take into consideration the adversities the leader have faced and the tenacity in overcoming them.

  3. Significant achievements: We take into account outstanding achievements or a series of achievements for the years under consideration. The size and complexity of innovative initiatives, overcoming difficulties and challenges that demonstrate the leadership, are also taken into account. The financial performance and business achievement of the organisation for which the candidate demonstrated his leadership are also being considered.

  4. Ability to inspire and build a team around innovation: Sustainable innovation cannot be built around individuals, its success rests on the strength of a team that follows a clear vision. We look at the ability of the leader to inspire and bring together an innovation team whose achievements can produce an exceptional difference to the organisation and the financial services industry.


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