Description Of The Awards

1. The Financial Technology Innovation Awards
The Asian Banker Financial Technology Innovation Awards programme is designed to recognise annual achievement and identify best practices in technology by traditional and non traditional financial services players to meet their current and future business needs. The primary assessment for the awards is based on the strength of the submitting institution's innovation in technology in specific operational areas, the disruption, sustainable business impact and successful implementation of the initiative. Each award category follows an evaluation scorecard that can be seen at

2. Best Innovation Centre Award
This awards programme is designed to recognise the success of institutions in developing disruptive and innovative products and technologies towards executing effective innovation programmes. The key achievements of the innovation programme, size and complexity of technology initiatives, creative thinking and the performance indicators that demonstrate the impact of these initiatives on the business are important consideration in evaluation. Financial and non financial institutions (including technology, consulting and non financial services companies) can apply for these awards. The detailed evaluation scorecard may be found

3. Financial Technology and Platform Awards
This awards programme, introduced in 2018, is open only for fintech companies, marketplace lenders and alternative players. It aims to recognise successful companies that are bringing a fundamental transformation and disruption in the financial services industry by solving a real business need through technology innovation. The evaluation looks at the companies comprehensively to assess the strength of technology, product innovation, scalability and the recent business success. In addition, a robust execution capability, strong people commitment, ability to fund its growth trajectory and the drive and vision of the principle promoters are important consideration. The detailed evaluation scorecard may be found

4. Leadership in Financial Technology and Innovation
The industry comprises a long list of individuals who demonstrate considerable skill and perseverance in leading their institutions in the field of technology and innovation to outstanding achievements and shaping the future of the industry in their respective region. As such, making the choice of one individual for this personal award for each region is very difficult indeed. The overall purpose of this award is to set high standards in personal conduct and professional standards. These awards are given to individuals who stand out heads and shoulders amongst their peers. The detailed evaluation scorecard may be found at

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