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Mettle for the mantle: Profiling the leader of the future

We believe that leadership development takes time and that the performance of leaders must be reviewed over a meaningful period, which is why the award takes place only once every three years.

More than any other organisation dedicated to tracking and fostering the development of the financial services industry, The Asian Banker recognises and values the role of individual excellence in an increasingly complex business. We know today that the shape and direction of the largest institutions and the smallest processes depend on the calibre of the individuals that run them and we seek to recognise such leaders through this programme.

Created in 2008 as a call for proficient and talented leadership in the financial services industry, The Promising Young Banker Award programme is designed to underscore the role of strong and sustainable leadership in the complex organisations that constitute the financial services industry. It also aims to generate the necessary platform for dialogue on the values of true leadership, governance, values, skills, vision and the sustainability of the enterprise. The programme also provides benchmarks for the development of exemplary leadership for future generations so that the industry as a whole can grow in a sustainable manner.

Where are they now?

The Asian Banker tracks promising young bankers to see how the awards have affected their careers and developed them as industry leaders, how they have moved in their careers and the leaders they have become will offer some light as to what may be in store for our newly minted promising young bankers.

Hassan Alfrangi

Hassan Alfrangiwas a winner in 2017, and is now CEO of Ahli Bank QSC.

Le Thu Thuy

Le Thu Thuy was a winner in 2017, and is now CEO of SeABank.

Sandhya Devanatha

Sandhya Devanathanwas a winner in 2014, and is now Country Managing Director for Singapore and Business Head for Vietnam at Facebook.

Alfian Sharifuddin

Alfian Sharifuddin was a winner in 2014, and is now Managing Director, Head of Technology & Operations of DBS HK & China.

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