The Evaluation Timeframe

Award Application
Deadline: January 25th,2017
Complete submissions must reach us no later than
January 25th, 2017.
Stage I: First Review
January 2017
Each complete submission is reviewed and scored by a team of research analysts.
Stage II: Interviews
February/March 2017
As necessary we will seek additional information by inviting the institutions to be interviewed by telephone. Interviews will be conducted with the head of technology as well as head of projects.
Stage III: Selection and Notification of Award Winners
Middle East and Africa: 15th March
Asia Pacific: 25th April, 2017
Results ratified by a panel of international advisory council will be communicated to the winning banks.

Stage IV: Awards ceremony

The Future of Finance
Middle East and Africa: 20 April, 2017, UAE
Asia Pacific: 09 June, 2017, Singapore

Country Awards
China country awards: 22 August, 2017
Thailand country awards: 13 July, 2017
Indonesia country awards: 27 July, 2017
Taiwan country awards: 07 September, 2017
Philippines country awards: 07 October, 2017

The awards ceremony will be held at The Future of Finance, the most exclusive and prestigious gathering of senior bankers.

Please find more details of future of finance and other award events at
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