Retail Financial Services Person of the Year

Belief Statement
The Retail Financial Service Person of the Year Award is the highest distinction in the retail financial services industry in the Asian region. It is the only individual accolade The Asian Banker awards to a single person in this industry. The Retail Financial Service Person of the Year is awarded to a person who has demonstrated a clarity of vision and understanding of the industry, a readiness to make the necessary decisions to help his or her institution grow sustainably, and an unquestionable integrity of character recognised by colleagues and peers. It honours individuals who have not only made a difference to their respective institutions, but have also shaped Asia's retail financial services landscape to what it is today.The selection process for The Retail Financial Service Person of the Year Award is not based on submissions. However we are open for recommendations for potential candidates.


1. A distinguished career in retail financial services that should span at least five (5) years to demonstrate the acquisition of sufficient experience and expertise in the industry.
2. A leadership position in a retail financial services business held for a sufficient period of time and demonstrate the ability to build long-term and sustainable franchise.
3. A successful leadership supported by robust performance for the business he or she was overseeing. This can be evaluated by the value of the franchise, its performance track record, and its leadership in its marketplace. This franchise must be considered amongst the best retail financial services institutions in the region by virtue of performance, size or other unique features that stand out from the rest.
4. A demonstrated ability to lead the business with vision, verve and fortitude during periods of transformation or difficulties. The candidate’s work should have a significant impact on the transformation of the insitution.
5. A series of achievements over and above those of his or her regional peers, in a manner that can stand as a benchmark to the rest of the industry. To measure this, we take into account not only the relative size of the franchise that the candidate led, but also the complexity, degree of difficulty and other considerations that make his or her leadership stand out and be recognised by his or her peers.

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