Criteria for the Country Awards

Core Belief:
"We believe that a well-run retail bank is one that demonstrates a long term, sustainable and profitable franchise with the customer as its core proposition."

We set best retail bank award in different region and countries according to The Asian Banker's scorecard. Retail players have to outperform not only national competitors, but also peers in the region.

All our scorecards are based on the belief statement that capsulate all the dimensions required to run this programme well. This belief statement is then broken down into components and we then set out by identifying quantifiable data that we can use as proxy to evaluate your institution's achievements.

The Excellence Scorecard is used to evaluate banks on both a country and a regional basis for the Excellence in Retail Financial Services Programme. It is the backbone of the evaluation process and was developed with an eye on one of the key objectives of the programme, which is to create an instrument that is accepted by the player in the retail financial services industry as a viable, objective and representative measure of a bank's performance across multiple areas.

Keeping that in mind, we have made our decision-making process as transparent as possible to help banks understand where they stand as a sustainable retail franchise. Through the scorecard, banks also have the opportunity to re-examine their own products and processes.

Beyond providing us with an opportunity to evaluate and compare banks in the Asia Pacific, Central Asia and the Gulf Region using a standard measure, the scorecard serves as a source of benchmarking and carrying out detailed gap analysis of banks. It is thus a useful tool for banks to evaluate how well they are performing, in term of each of their attributes relative to their peers.

Balanced Annual Scorecard for the Country Awards Assessment

Dimension Weight Indicator (all figures pertain to retail banking)
Value of Franchise:
The brand value that this bank enjoys in its market place.
10% -Market share in core retail deposits
-Growth in core retail deposits
-Growth number of in retail banking customers
-Number of respondents in who would recommend the bank to their friends
Financial Performance:
We believe that banks should not just have good customer service but be financially strong.
12% - Growth in total revenues
- Growth in operating profit
- Total assets
- Return on assets
We give weightage to a banks' stability in its own market place by understanding how much of its business is core and recurrent.
16% - Net interest margin
- Portion of income which is recurring
- Fee income
- Cost to income ratio
A bank that doesn't have a strategy cannot possibly be expected to compete effectively in its market place. We look for the ability of banks' own management to describe its strategy to us.
3% - Depth of reporting in the Annual Report
- Clearly conceptualised strategy
- Quality of the submissions made to our questions
Sales Capability:
A bank's sales capability is based on not just service quality but also on the way in which its staff are incentivised remunerated to look after you, the customer.
16% - Sustainability of sales staff incentives schemes
Risk Management:
A safe bank is a good bank. We look at the banks' balance sheet to understand how strictly it manages its loans to customers.
14% - 30,60,90 days delinquencies
- Non performing loans ratio
- Size of recovery teams as a ratio of the total retail loan book
- Performance ratios of debt recovery staff
Process, Technology and Efficiency:
The way in which your bank is able to serve you efficiently is based on its backend technology as well as its business process. We also take into account how you as a customer feel about its service
11% - Time to market for a genuinely new product
Penetration and Availability of Distribution Channels:
A good bank is one that is accessible to customers 24 x7 hours in a day with the level of convenience and ease of use that customers have come to expect from any service provider.
10% - Customer feedback in branch experience customer feedback on call centre experience customer feedback on internet/mobile channel experience
Staff Skills:
We believe that a well-run retail bank should be a combination of highly competent leaders as well as young, more costumer centric staff.
5% Proportion of senior executives with more than 20 years of service in the bank/industry should be healthy but not overwhelming
- Attrition rates (sales staff)
- Attrition rates (non-sales staff)
- feedback on exceptional staff (employee) experience
Ethical Banking:
We encourage banks to publish their commitment to costumers and stick by them.
3% -Published ethical services guidelines/ code of conduct
-Depth of social corporate responsibility
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