Product, Process and Business Awards
Our Core Beliefs for each award:

Consumer Finance Product of the Year
We believe that consumer finance is a highly effective entry level customer acquisition platform, but is successful only when a percentage of customers bring on board their recurrent and long term revolving credit, deposits and mortgage relationship with low delinquency costs, and one which must demonstrate the bank's strong collections and processing capabilities.

Deposit Product of the Year
We believe that a bank's deposits business is a demonstration of its strength of franchise and its retail distribution channels and its proximity to customers in a manner that enhances its ability to sell a wide range of new and existing products in the local marketplace, as denoted by its market share, low cost of funding and number of customers relative to major competitors.

Retail Payments Product of the Year
A successful retail payments project or product is one that enables real-time or offline, secure and end-to-end completion of low-value transactions for the largest possible number of customers, issued and used at multiple and remote acceptance locations, utilising multiple channels or devices at the lowest possible cost per transaction and supporting the widest range of functionalities and currencies in a compliant manner.

Mobile Payment Product of the Year
We believe that the best mobile banking capability is one that demonstrates the use of the full range of current mobile device technology for financial transactions and services in the most intuitive and secure manner possible.

Branch of the Year
We believe that the best bank branches are those that are designed to maximise the use and location of their footprint to serve the transactional, advisory and product needs of the largest numbers of visitors in the most cost efficient manner, using both human and automated devices consistent with their brands, and is reflected in its ability to attract low cost deposits and achieve cross-sell ratios for the entire franchise.

Auto-loan Product of the Year
We believe that leaders in the automobile finance business are defined by their market share, driven by a strong direct or agency driven origination capability that they are able to convert into customers through good turnaround time and service quality, and whose assets demonstrate strong customer equity engendered over several market cycles.

Micro Finance Product of the Year
A successful micro-financing business is one that demonstrates the ability to reach out to commercially driven marginalised customer segments with a variety of micro loan products, including unsecured personal loans, home equity loans, shop-front loans, and micro-enterprise loans which are distributed via a large micro network reach and supported by strong risk management, collection practices and locally trained staff.

Internet Banking Product of the Year
We believe that the best Internet banking capability is one that enables customers to access information, conduct transactions or purchase financial products and services in the most intuitive and secure manner possible that is consistent with the lifestyle needs of the target customer, while at the same time enabling the bank to communicate its messages.

Credit Card Product of the Year
We believe that credit cards is a highly effective customer acquisition platform that must demonstrate the ability to convert an issued base into active users and strong revolving credit, low delinquency, sticky users and a strong collections platform, supporting a well branded, albeit high cost, co-branding, loyalty and benefits platform.

Remittance Product of the Year
We believe that remittance is the business of being able to execute large volumes of instantaneous global transfers for low value transactions at the lowest possible per transaction cost that is passed on as a value proposition to the largest number of customers possible and one that banks in this business must demonstrate by their ability to use as a tool to acquire and retain customers for their traditional deposits and loans businesses.

Best Data and Analytics Initiative
We believe that the application of data and analytics must demonstrate the ability to convert actionable information, gained from collecting, processing and analyzing large data sets into, into real business drivers, making an impact on the banks top and line growth.

Best Retail Risk Management Initiative
We believe that a bank with a successful retail credit and operational risk management possesses (a) an excellent on and off balance sheet position demonstrated by exceptional key credit risk ratios, and (b) processes for risk assessment, risk decision-making and risk control implementation to ensure proper measurement and mitigation of operational risk. The bank also needs to have a sound contingency and business continuity plan while managing market perception.

Best Customer Relationship Management
We believe that a well-run customer relationship management includes customer loyalty, customer advocacy and retention initiatives, sales processes as well as all initiatives around customer relationship management at the front, middle and back office. It evaluates the areas of sales performance, segmentation, marketing efficiency, leads and campaign management and after sales service.

Best Social Media Initiative
We believe that a successful social media campaign engages in new ways of communication and the distribution of financial services and products to create not only trust, responsiveness and loyalty among new and existing customers but better leads generation and sales.

Brand Initiative of the Year
We believe that while traditionally, brand-conscious industries, including fashion, foodservice and consumer goods, are forced to invest heavily in branding, the financial industry is just beginning to see the importance of branding. The Asian Banker assesses the institution’s efforts to create a strong brand identity to build consumer mind share, persuade and realistically demonstrate the brand’s relevance to a customer’s daily life.

Best Employee Engagement
We believe that a well-run retail bank builds inclusive workplace environments where flexibility, diversity and value-based behaviour is recognised and rewarded to create a highly engaged front line workforce. The areas of assessment are: employee development, employee engagement (internal), performance/reward structure and employee involvement (external).

Best Network Integration Initiative
An effective network integration initiative is one that demonstrates efforts to integrate a diverse mix of network points to deliver services and products in the most consistent and unified manner possible, driven by business Intelligence, real-time data management, CRM, cross-channel implementation and channel cooperation as well as integrated contact management.

Best Business Model Execution
We believe that successful business model is one that demonstrated sustainable revenue enhancement/diversification strategies. In doing so, it recognises innovative programmes to serve new or underserved customer segments utilising new or re-engineered products delivered through new or re- engineered delivery channels.


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